We come together recognizing the special grace of Christ our Lord and Savior. As we desire to grow, we also recognize our need to be obedient to the Lord out of gratitude for His eternal gift of salvation.

We actively engage in and support missions and outreach, effectively seeking to be salt and light to the World. We are a people who seek to honor the Triune God, by being faithful to the true Word of God and filling the great commission.

We teach the Reformed Doctrines of the faith, supported by the Westminster Confession of Faith. We recognize our responsibility to read God’s Word diligently and constantly, seeking to grow in obedience and knowledge. Our corporate worship should be faithful as we approach the Lord reverently. We tithe in recognition of the Lord’s dominion and authority over this church. We pray for a hunger after righteousness, esteeming others better than ourselves, praying for our brethren, bearing one another’s burden, offering and seeking accountability. We are a covenant body, having pledged to walk before one another in love.

We desire to see fathers being leaders in the home, responsible for the catechizing of their children. We encourage mothers to be keepers of the home, submissive and supportive of their husbands, raising the next generation, with boys desiring to be Godly men and the girls who desire to be woman of piety and devoted mothers. We are parents that place a high value on the sanctity of life, raising Godly children as the Lord blesses and provides. We seek to live humbly, encouraging Christian education (including home schooling) of our children, and living modestly in activity and appearance. We do this to the honor and glory of God, not to draw attention to ourselves. We acknowledge why we are here, to glorify our God and enjoy Him forever, being faithful servants in the praise and worship of our Creator.